“Even the Crows takes us straight to the heart of an unconscionable atrocity, where we can see at once two nearly obscured facts: the inhuman chicanery of the perpetrators and their accomplices and the great suffering of the victims.” – Pankaj Mishra

Even the Crows: Divided Gujarat is a feature-length documentary film made by British-Indian filmmaker sisters that probes into the murky past of India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the rise of Hindu nationalism in India and among its diaspora in the UK and the US. The film tells the stories of American-Gujarati Nishrin, whose father, the prominent Muslim MP Ahsan Jafri, was killed during the 2002 riots, and British-Gujarati Imran, who was the sole survivor of an attack on him and his two uncles while on holiday in the state. Over a decade after the violence, they refuse to forget and continue their campaign for justice. Released in March 2014, the film has been screened globally, including at the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival, British Parliament and universities worldwide.