“Even the Crows takes us straight to the heart of an unconscionable atrocity, where we can see at once two nearly obscured facts: the inhuman chicanery of the perpetrators and their accomplices and the great suffering of the victims.” – Pankaj Mishra

“A must see for all those concerned with contemporary Indian politics and the dangerous contemporary rise of Hindu nationalism. Shot with extraordinary lucidity, but also with great compassion for the victims’ families, this movie is a powerful investigation into the social and political roots of violence, and a forceful invitation never to forget the fight against social injustice.” – Dr Alessandra Mezzadri, Lecturer in Development Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies

“In more ways than one, this documentary fills a serious lacuna, as far as films about communal violence or Hindu Nationalism, in general, are concerned, by placing its gaze on the people who sustain, lobby for, or resist the ideology of Sangh, in prominent ways, from outside the country.” – Abul Kalam Azad, writer and activist

“This documentary is as much a personal exploration of the violence that has ripped apart their [the filmmakers’] homeland as it is a journalistic endeavour to understand the politics and religion of India […] The documentary provides an important antidote to such sanitised coverage on the potential Prime Minister who is accused not simply of inaction, but complicity in the planning and orchestrating the violence […] Even The Crows is a must-watch for those wishing to understand modern India and how the changing political landscape might affect the country’s future.”- On Religion, 2014 Read full review here

“[the Sumaria sisters] have to be congratulated for their brave expose of the murky and murderous world of Indian politics”, Ramnik Shah, Awaaz, 2014. Read full review here.

“The two sisters…had come to the state in 2012 on a visit to their grandfather’s place of birth in western Gujarat. But once here, they realized that they had entered a divided society polarized along communal lines over the ruling BJP and its leader.” Times of India, 2014. Read full article  article here.



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